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Luminizing Mineral Powder - MAGIC DUST - WARM GOLD

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Powder in a warm shade of gold.

A shimmery, magical dust which transforms any makeup look into a masterpiece. This product is available in three highly pigmented shades: warm gold, naked nude, and golden rose. When applied, it appears as if the skin was covered in a flickering sheet. As shimmery as a diamond, it magnificently reflects light. One product with numerous possible usages. It will meet the expectations of a creative makeup artist as well as those who simply enjoy playing with makeup. It may be used as an eyeshadow as well as a highlighter to the face and body. Used independently, it perfectly suits shimmery and glamorous makeup looks. When added to other cosmetics, such as powders, lip glosses, and foundations, it ensures a makeup look with a stunning glow. It can transform any matte or satin pigment by giving it a shimmery shine. Perfect for photo shoots, special occasions, and bridal makeup. Use it when you feel like shining!

Simply dip your brush into the Magic Dust and see for yourself how magic is made.


Before applying Magic Dust, you should apply a full coverage concealer or a camouflage-like foundation to your eyelid. An oily base is crucial so that the shimmery powder may stick to the skin. The product may be applied to skin prepped in this manner.


Doktor Makeup and Clare Blanc cosmetics are suitable for all skin types. Thanks to the high quality of their ingredients, they are light, highly pigmented, and extremely long-lasting.



Luminizing Mineral Powder - MAGIC DUST - WARM GOLD