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Ecco think

Luminizing Mineral Powder - OH! GLOW – DAY LIGHT

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A nude highlighter which adds a delicate sheen to the skin. Perfect for highlighting the whole face as well as cleavage.

OH! GLOW highlighters for the body and face help create the illusion of an ideal sheen of light. Its loose formula creates a myriad of opportunities for various makeup looks, while its shimmery particles perfectly reflect natural light and smooth out the skin. The highlighters have been divided into three categories which will facilitate the process of choosing the perfect formula and light which your makeup look may require: Matt Light- subtle, Day Light- with a delicate sheen which is suitable for both daytime and nighttime looks, and Night Light- a strong highlighter which is ideal for the nighttime.

Day Light is a highlighter which gives the skin a deep and beautiful sheen of light. It does not contain any particles which is why it is suitable for the whole face. It may be used as a spot highlighter for the nose or cupid's bow which are the most suitable points of the face for Oh Glow- Day Light application. Its tone is ideal for every type of makeup look and complexion.


Illuminating powder should be gently applied on the whole face or sprinkled only on to the areas which we wish to give some extra shimmer: cheekbones in order to highlight, as well as the forehead, chin, eyes. Illuminating powder gives makeup a fresh and natural dewy effect.


Doktor Makeup and Clare Blanc cosmetics are suitable for all skin types. Thanks to the high quality of their ingredients, they are light, highly pigmented, and extremely long-lasting.



Luminizing Mineral Powder - OH! GLOW – DAY LIGHT