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NoFB 04

Face Brush - Flat Top Brush

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Flat Top Brush- foundation brush. The next representative in our unique series of makeup brushes. The wooden handle and brass ferrule gives us the feeling that we are holding a high quality product in our hands.The flat top of the brush allows us to build a fuller coverage with the help of mineral foundation. When working with this tool, applying makeup is very fast and precise.

Claré Blanc presents a limited edition series of signature Claré Blanc brushes; a unique design paired together with the highest quality materials from which they have been made. A wooden handle with unique graining on each model, a brass ferrule, synthetic hairs of excellent quality are all combined to create the most perfect and beautiful brushes for applying Claré Blanc makeup cosmetics; makeup of the highest quality at the highest level.

Made in Germany


Brush Length: 17 cm

Face Brush - Flat Top Brush