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Polityka prywatności

NoFB 03

Face Brush - Concealer Brush

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The perfect tool for applying concealer on all areas and blemishes found on the face. It is ideally effective when applying concealer on dark circles under the eye. It allows the product to placed on the face using just the right amount thanks to its sculpted, rounded, and lightly flat head of synthetic hairs.

Claré Blanc presents a limited edition series of signature Claré Blanc brushes; a unique design paired together with the highest quality materials from which they have been made. A wooden handle with unique graining on each model, a steel ferrule, synthetic hairs of excellent quality are all combined to create the most perfect and beautiful brushes for applying Claré Blanc makeup cosmetics; makeup of the highest quality at the highest level.

Made in Germany


Brush Length: 16 cm

Face Brush - Concealer Brush