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Bronzing Mineral Powder - MAUI MISS

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A dark bronzer with a beautiful and natural shimmer. Warm and light copper colors give skin the radiance of a natural sun tan. Designed mainly for medium to dark complexions.

Claré Blanc bronzers are natural skin smoothers and a safe alternative to sun tanning. Within seconds and without subjecting your skin to harmful sun rays, you are able to achieve and enjoy a beautiful tan. Selected with the greatest diligence and care, the natural ingredients made especially for sensitive skin and safe even for allergy prone skin, live up to the expectations of even the most pickiest individuals. The jojoba oil found within them is rich with Vitamin A which assists natural skin function, vitamin E which speeds up skin recovery as well as slows down the aging process, and vitamin F which stimulates strengthened skin immunity. The natural silk powder contains 18 amino acids which are easily absorbed by the skin and hold strong revitalizing powers. They regulate moisture, thanks to which the skin covered by the product is able to breath and the pores do not clog. Thanks to Claré Blanc bronzers you can achieve many effects- a beautiful and natural tan as well as contouring and making the face appear more slender. Bronzers maybe used on the cheekbones as an alternative to blush.


Sprinkle some bronzer on to the lid and gently pick it up using your brush. You may decide the intensity of the color you would like to achieve; depending on how many layers you apply, the shade will be a light or bold sun tan effect. Claré Blanc bronzers may be used on the whole face; to achieve an evenly sun tanned effect, apply the product onto your cheekbones or underneath them, just as with blush, in order to contour the face.


Claré Blanc Products are designed for all skin types. They are light, silky smooth, and long lasting. Thanks to the natural ingredients enriched with valuable oils, vitamins, and amino acids there exists a very low probability that an allergic reaction should occur. They do not clog pores. The cosmetics are fully environmentally and eco friendly. They are free of conservatives, talcum, synthetic scented substances, parabens, oxychloride bismuth, and artificial dyes.


MICA CI 77019, JOJOBA ESTERS. MAY CONTAIN: CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499, CI 77019, CI 77891.

Bronzing Mineral Powder - MAUI MISS