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Mineral Eyeshadow - CORAL ROSE

1.6 g
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A warm pink copper tone with a golden finish. Uniformly highlights, creating a beautiful shimmer.

The wide range of Claré Blanc eyeshadow shades allows you to choose the appropriate colour for any skin type; from delicate and neutral creamy pinks, exotic turquoises and organic browns to predatory anthracite black. From neutral shades used for subtle makeup to shadows saturated with luxurious pigments of stunning shades, there is something available for every woman at every age and every and any complexion. Every Claré Blanc eye shadow perfectly blends into the skin of the eyelid, creating a silky smooth eye make up finish. They don’t “droop”, smudge, sprinkle off nor irritate even the most delicate of eyes. They are easy and pleasant to apply, and thanks to its loose form formula, they may be mixed with other shades thus creating your own colour combo. Choose from a rich palette of mineral shades, charm and attract attention with your eyes.


In order to apply the shadow in the best way possible, pour a small bit on to the lid of the packaging and apply using your favourite eye makeup brush.


Claré Blanc products are designed for all skin types. They are light, silky smooth, and very long lasting. Thanks to the natural ingredients which have been enriched with valuable oils, vitamins, and aminoacids, there exists a very low probability that an allergic reaction should occur. They do not clog pores. The cosmetics are entirely environmentally and eco friendly. They are free of conservatives, talcum, synthetic scented substances, parabens, oxychloride bismuth, and artificial dyes.


MICA, CI 77491.

Mineral Eyeshadow - CORAL ROSE